Curtain Cleaning

Even with the beauty of the ocean’s surface, and the attractions of the beaches as seen from the portholes or the pilothouse, curtains still provide privacy and sanctuary, and the feeling and scent of a freshly cleaned curtain is something we don’t take for granted.

It’s a breeze from the outside, and a pleasant experience to move a soft, clean curtain when retiring for the evening, or awakening to a majestic morning firstlight.

Our staff is trained from the first day to pay attention to all of the details from within your yacht.

And curtains are just as concerned over as all other aspects of the yacht’s interior. Here at Super Yacht Care, we look for anything that might catch the eye of our clients or someone who may be a guest while onboard your yacht.

And with this eye for detail, we will pay attention to the fabric that makes you feel one step closer to comfort.

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